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Luxury Website Redesign: On Track to Success

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Over 10 years ago Golden Eagle Luxury Trains in Altrincham worked with us to create their original website, so we were delighted to be chosen once again to redesign their new one, using our extensive experience to ensure the project’s success.

Based out of Manchester, our Manchester web design team has been partners with Golden Eagle for over a decade, gaining comprehensive understanding of what their brand and their customers value: unique, luxurious travel experiences.

With luxury rail travel booming, Golden Eagle stands out as an industry leader renowned for unforgettable journeys. Their tours have garnered press accolades, including being named in The Telegraph’s list of most luxurious Rail Tours, The Guardian’s Great Winter Rail Journeys, and Conde Nast Traveler’s Best Trains in the World. This excellence is reflected beautifully in their new website, which captures the spirit of adventure and luxury that has made Golden Eagle an award-winning brand.

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Matt, our lead developer on this project, shared his experience:

“Working on Golden Eagle’s new website was a really fun challenge. We aimed to create a platform that not only reflects the luxury and uniqueness of their services but is also user-friendly. Seeing the project come to life and receive such positive feedback has been really rewarding.”

In addition to the website, we also had the opportunity to design all their print collateral, including a dozen travel brochures, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand presence across all mediums. Our brochure design services were integral in portraying the elegance and exclusivity of Golden Eagle’s offerings. For more information on this service visit our page detailing our brochure design costs.

The outcome is a clean, simple-to-use updated website that truly reflects Golden Eagle’s premium offerings. The feedback has been extremely positive

This project was a brilliant collaboration with Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Our shared goal was to create a website that is as genuine and valuable as the unique travel experiences they offer. It was about delivering an effective solution that truly resonates with the brand and its clients.

As ever, it’s been a joy working with everyone at Golden Eagle and we are really pleased with the results we’ve achieved together. We hope this website will be a welcoming introduction for those seeking extraordinary journeys, and we look forward to continuing this fun and productive partnership with Golden Eagle in the future.

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And to ensure the ongoing success of the website, our website maintenance services play a crucial role in keeping everything running smoothly.

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