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Renowned by Developers and Estate Agents nationwide, Designers Up North are experts at creating stunning property brochures to sell your homes.

Each and every property brochure design is unique and will be tailored-made for your property marketing. Get in touch today and find out how we can help you sell your homes.

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Creating a buzz

The first and most important challenge when selling properties is getting a potential home hunter through the front door.

This is where a stylish property brochure comes in as it can sell a lifestyle like nothing else, presenting bricks and mortar as a practical, welcoming and comfortable environment crying out to be lived in.

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real estate brochure floorpan

High specification all round

If your portfolio is highly desirable and in the top price bracket, your marketing material should reflect this – customers in the market for prestige homes would expect nothing less.

We never use a purchased property brochure template. A poorly designed, ugly and cheaply printed brochure will undo all your hard work and suggest that the properties are not as high quality as they claim to be. Each brochure design is unique to your business.

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Visuals say it all

Before a customer first views a property, they will want to be sure that it is in sync with their vision of their ideal home.

Through a combination of sophisticated photography and classy design, each room will jump out from the page and invite the reader to view the environment first-hand. Take a look at some of our property brochure examples here.

Once this is achieved, you’re well on the way to a sale.

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new home brochure design

Be distinctive

Property brochures can be dull and lifeless, or just a replica of one another.

Bespoke design and print will enable your company and your properties to stand out from the crowd, either through an innovative finish, an unconventional size or a daring concept. Selling homes is so competitive you can’t afford to be one of the ‘also rans’.

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Content that charms

Alongside stunning visuals, the copy will need to help you seal the deal too.

Bland lists of fixtures and fittings are no longer the norm, with customers expecting to find out more about the location, history of the development, future plans and company credentials, all within the confines of a property brochure.

Overlook readability at your peril.

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brochure copywriting

The choice is yours

Just as each property development is different, so should its brochure.

Add to this the specific requirements of a developer then it makes sense for us to be good listeners and receptive to your needs.

The outcome of such a collaborative effort will mean Designers Up North will deliver a property brochure that will more than match your expectations.

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Architectural Illustration

Designers Up North are specialists when it comes to marketing your property or new home.

We use illustration skills to draw up your floorplans, the siteplan, location maps and also the stunning architectural CGi’s you see shown below.

Need help creating something magical for your property brochure? Get in touch today.

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cgi architect illustration

Sales Boards & Hoardings

Selling your homes requires more than a property brochure.

Using hoardings and sales boards backs up your brand for those potential buyers that visit your development.

This essential element helps sell your homes and ensures your new homes development is easily found.

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“Working with Jim and the team at Designers Up North makes the day to day marketing of our company stress free. From marketing brochures, displays, adverts and email campaigns they are on hand for advice on content and always come back with something that not only fits the brief but is creative and unique.”

Jo Hole
Heritage Homes

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