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Writing. Like an old friend…

By 27/06/2016No Comments
George Caveney

So until recently, I was employed. In fact, I have been since I left university last century. I never really thought about going it alone… well, I did, but then I’d worry about the mortgage and the lifestyle to which I’d become accustomed. Or whether I had the self-discipline, or the contacts, or even the clout to make career headway under my own banner. 

In 2007 I joined a great copywriting outfit, and I was very happy there for many years. I learned continuously, with experience working on just about every kind of project for clients across the sectors and all over the world.

Then, all of a sudden, it felt like time for a change. I followed the money, and spent a while with Oliver Marketing, in-house with one of their financial services clients. Oliver are great, by the way, but I missed the variety and the constant flow of fresh challenges that keeps a writer on his or her toes. So I took a deep breath and went it alone. That was just a month ago.

Within a week, I knew I’d made the right decision. I’ve been busy, and projects are going well because I can price competitively and be more flexible (and bloody-minded) in my approach. I’ll stand my ground more, and what comes out of my mouth is me talking with authority about my content and copy expertise. It’s no longer the company line. It’s me, enjoying hearing my own conviction about what I do and why it matters.

Sure, it’s early days. But being ultimately in charge of my own destiny is a liberating feeling. I’m enjoying writing more than I have in a long time, and I think that shines through in the quality of my work. Perhaps most importantly, it has made me realise how much I love what I do, and what a difference it can make to anyone’s marketing mix.

Of course, it means putting myself ‘out there’, as I don’t get paid for doing nothing if it goes quiet. But that’s fine with me. I do it on my own terms and it’s working out pretty good so far.

I went to school with Jim at Designers Up North. We were good mates and had a brilliant laugh. He’s always been uniquely creative. I’ve always been into compelling language and persuasion. We’ve been in touch on social media and email for a while, and I did a bit for him a few years back. So I poked him again. I admire Jim’s work a great deal, and it looks like we’ll be collaborating – only this time, not to disrupt lessons, avoid sports, or trip people up in corridors. It’s just a shame he’s a United fan.

So there you have it. Use Jim. Use Designers Up North. And while you’re at it, use me too – – even if I am a City fan. Come on, you can’t have it all…

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