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Why are we website designers?

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As anyone in business knows you have good days, and you have bad days – but then you have some fantastic days. Today is one of those days. We work for businesses throughout the UK and the North West of England. We have designed websites, brochures, adverts and logos for hundreds of companies and people over the years. Each and every time we strive to do our best and receive kind words from satisfied customers, but sometimes we get something that makes it easy to answer the question ‘Why are we website designers?’

We recently created a brand and a website for a new Start Up Business in East Anglia, Farrell Walton are their name – A new virtual Estate Agent intent on taking over their locality.

On completion of the website, Stuart said he had seen the testimonials on our portfolio site, that they had reassured him we did as we said we could do, and wanted to add his recommendation for our services. What we received blew us all away. You can read on here….

“Why every business needs a superb design company on board.

I’ve always had a desire, a burning desire, to be my own boss and turn my hand to something new, something out of my comfort zone, something out of the public sector I’d been in for 45 years.

Sales, yes sales, always appealed: not the type that start on Boxing Day when rubbish hits shop floors and Ikea and Next go into meltdown over a £10 saving. No sales as in selling a service, namely property.

I did what any budding entrepreneur would do – hit Google, created LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages with the name we’d decided on – Farrell Walton – and then entered a thought vacuum. I looked at estate agents’ websites locally and all induced somnambulance, so I spread my net and trawled nationally.  A few stood out and one in particular in Manchester with a signature underneath, Designers Up North.

Who should I choose to design our website?

Nice website though for Heritage Homes so I clicked.

The north is where I’m from so I felt an immediate affinity. You can trust the north – to deliver crime, grime, and broad accents, so I knew it was a safer bet than one based in say Canterbury – don’t ask me why. A gut feeling.

I phoned Jim Adams, who is from the north (just north of London), now resident in Sale, oddly, something I had as a burning desire – scroll up.

LinkedIn had started bearing fruit – suggestions that I use Home Flow who’d build a site and I’d pay a monthly fee to.

Jim though sold himself to me with his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of all things web and SEO. He instructed me, genially of course, to go for a different look and I trusted him implicitly. An hour on the phone made me almost evangelical about the north.

I’m good at picking up new skills, but some things I can only achieve mediocrity at – one of these is photography. Jim recommended using a professional photographer, Steve Grogan, who’s part of his team, and with a proper Manc accent like Terry Christian. I noticed their affinity to Man Utd and I was a bit perturbed as I’m still haunted by the Mark Hughes volley against Oldham Athletic, my team, in the FA Cup semi final in the early 90s.

Jim, Steve and Matt (software Matt) did not disappoint – the photography and web design has drawn plaudits from friends, the public and even business rivals.  I can see why Steve and Jim are on page one of Google searches in their respective trades. It’s not only beautiful, it’s useable and editable by me too.

Would I recommend Designers Up North?


Look at our website, look at Jim’s portfolio and Steve’s galleries and tell me you’d find better.

Yes look, but don’t bother with the judgement – you can’t find better.

I’ve started to deprogram my brain of the volley cos I get misty eyed over the work of art that they’ve created for me.

Go on have a look, click through Designers Up North and Steve Grogan Photography and then come back to us, Farrell Walton, to see what the sum of their parts amounts to.”


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  • Steve says:

    That’s one of the best testimonials I’ve ever read – Straight from the heart!

  • April Greer says:

    Fantastic! Congrats on the kudos – a job well done for sure. 🙂

  • Jacqueline Gum says:

    Beautiful testimonial! Congratulations!

  • andleeb says:

    I have seen the websites of Grogan photography and designers up north they are very nice and have a different look.

    This really shows how you and your team is working. All the best to you and for sure it is best to get help of skilled and learned people when it comes to designing .

  • William Rusho says:

    Showing your best up front means a lot, especially in this electronic world. Having a well-functioning and good looking site is now essential for any business.

  • Ken Dowell says:

    I can understand how rewarding it must be to get comments like that. I’m sure you’re saving it somewhere to pull out and read on a bad day.

  • Tim says:

    A great testimonial that anyone would be extremely pleased to receive. Congratulations.

  • Jeri says:

    It’s always good to know possible option for the next time I over-haul my site.

  • Stamford says:

    This might have been the best read. A great testimonial. Good and hard work always pays off.

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