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Is it time to rebuild my website?

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Danube Express Website

We have recently completed two website rebuilds for The Danube Express and Dart Developments.

We do quite a lot of website rebuilds here, and one of our first questions to anyone asking “Is it time to rebuild my website?” is “What’s your reason for starting again?”. The answer is often the same…..

More often than not a client will say “It just needs freshening up” – A valid point but not one of the reasons I would commission a website rebuild alone.

One of the first things we will explore is the websites audience and their behaviour. Google Analytics is your starting point here. You can see visitors paths through the website, where they click, what they ignore, where they leave the site and determine valuable information that enables you to make an informed decision.

1) Responsive Design is essential

One our first ports of call is the Mobile Overview’ section – here you can see what percentage of your sites visitors do so on a desktop machine, a device such as an iPad or a mobile phone.

This is more than likely one of the main reasons you need a website rebuild.

responsive-website-design-for-businessOn average anything up to 50% of your websites visitors could now be on a mobile device and if your website is not responsive then that is a great reason to commission a rebuild. Building a new website that performs to its best ability on all platforms is sure to aid the visitors experience on your site. No one these days wants to pinch and zoom when so many mainstream sites are built to, well, just work. People are used to it now and as soon as that happens then you are asking your visitors to make more effort to use your site. The end result? You lose visitors because they won’t. Simple as.

If your website is not responsive, it is a very good reason to get a rebuild.

2) Finding Information

Obvious this one isn’t it, but so often overlooked. A lot of ‘older’ style website designs suffer from overcomplicated navigation, a whole range of links at the top, down the side, in the footer and well, frankly anywhere.

You don’t know where to look, there is no hierarchy of information on the homepage, it is often just a series of ill conceived copy, bad image choices and suffers from over cluttering. Liken a 3 year old homepage to a 3 year old house and you see the similarities. When it’s new, everything has its place, everything is just right, but soon, due to time, finances or a lack of interest, things just get put everywhere with a ‘That will do’ attitude. Oh dearwebsite rebuild

Web designers and developers like to use the terms UX and UI – Fancy talk for User Experience and User interaction. Make it simple, make it clear and make it good. What was once rather complicated can now be incredibly simple. Take a search box – There’s one at the top of this site, see it? Top right…. There it is. If you can’t find something quickly, you type it in and it will show up.

Large easy to use links. Vital today, where once a link was camouflaged as a word, coloured differently with a line under, now you can’t miss those suckers.

If your website suffers from any of these, then it is a valid reason to get a rebuild.

3) New Technologies.

If you have a 5 year old website, the chances are that some of the technologies used to build it are now defunct. Website coding and development moves on leaps-and-bounds at a supersonic rate. We have rebuilt sites that were built in Flash, at its time a rather good way of making a site animated, more fluid and a bit different. But did you know that no Apple device can see Flash. Not one. On some sites that equates to 50% of your audience, they land on your website and see….. nothing.

We still see business owners with Flash based sites, we tell them that Google cannot index the site, that many users cannot see it, and if they were to rebuild their site in an SEO friendly way they would see marked improvements in their traffic, and more likely, sales.

If this sounds like your website, then it is a good reason to get a rebuild.

I’ve decided, I AM going to rebuild my website

If you do choose to rebuild your website, make this the ideal opportunity to really do it right. Don’t rush and don’t cut corners. Spend time evaluating things such as

  • What is the purpose of your website – To inform, to engage or to sell?
  • Clear, Powerful Messages
  • Valuable Content
  • Get your calls to action right
  • Professional Imagery
  • Copywriting
  • Simple and Clear Navigation
  • In other words – Analyse and Plan Everything

We love rebuilding websites, it is the perfect time to make sure every single detail is considered, evaluated and made to work for YOU and YOUR business.

If you are thinking of rebuilding your website, contact us today and let us help you make the right choices and the right decisions for your business.

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