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The internet is a competitive place, and every small business now needs a website. Your website could make the difference between a potential client or customer choosing between you, or your competitors. Getting it wrong is not an option.

We understand exactly what website your small business needs – if you ask us, we’ll tell you.

Small Business Website Design Services

Having a website is just the start. Getting it found is where the fun really starts. Our Search Engine Optimisation experts work with you from the beginning to give your new website the best start possible.

Edit your own website instantly, with ease!

Having the ability to add, remove or edit your website content puts YOU in control of your website. We offer full training of the content management system to all our website owners so you can take back control.

Small businesses need to succeed locally.

We’ve ranked lots of small business websites throughout the UK using our tested local search engine optimisation techniques. Don’t limit your business growth. Ask us for more information.

How much does a small business website cost?

This is always the second question asked with any new website enquiry.

Each business is unique, and each business needs a different website. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some small business websites require an online payment option, others have 15 SEO optimised service pages – yours may require an integrated booking system, videos embedded, CRM integration or a variety of different sales landing pages or contact forms. The options can be infinite.

What we can guide you on is the average cost of a small business website design.

See our current package prices


A Brochure Style Website

If you think you need a website that showcases your services, with up 10 – 20 pages and a blog, the price bracket ranges from £1,000 to £4,000 – This bracket is determined by how much content you can supply. If you can supply well written copy, a clear brief and vibrant imagery, then your website design costs can be reduced.

What is a brochure website?

eCommerce Website Design

With eCommerce website design being vastly more complicated to set up, you would expect the costs to rise accordingly. Our eCommerce website designs start around the £2,500 mark, but can escalate to ten times that amount if you have many products and require a Magento based shop.

What are my options here?

Custom Website Design

We have also built bespoke website designs, developed with custom management systems and a clear SEO marketing strategy defined from the first day of the project. As this option requires more than one person working on it full-time, the costs reflect this. A starting price of £8,000 is your guide cost here.

Web Design Manchester

What we include in your small business website design:

  • Responsive design. With mobile search now out-performing desktop searches, if your website is not built for all devices, your business will suffer.
  • Contact Forms. If someone tries to contact your small business, you will not miss it. Sent directly to your, or a designated email address, our contact forms ensure no enquiry is missed.
  • A business phone number. On every page, in view at all times. Sounds simple doesn’t it. The best design elements are. If a potential client is on a mobile phone, touch the number, and it rings you immediately.
  • Manage your own content. Edit and publish your own content whenever you want.
  • Keyword research. Do you know, 60% of all Search Engine Optimisation campaign costs are for the research? We include this. At no added cost. Relax in the knowledge your new website is considered, and built to succeed.
  • Social Media integration. Social mentions and interaction all help rankings, and the reputation of your company. Part of any social media strategy to improve your brand presence and attract new customers starts on your website.
  • Landing pages that convert to business. If you want to rank for particular search terms, you need a dedicated landing page to improve the chances of your business being found. Let our experts loose and gain an instant advantage.
  • Google loves new, valuable content. You need a content management system that allows you to publish offers, news and insights immediately to your website. It needs to look good, load quickly, and be simple to use. No problem. It’s all included.
  • Visitor tracking software. As time moves on, you need to know which pages are doing well, and more importantly, which need improvement. The only way to be sure of which page needs some love is to have website analytics installed.

We help small businesses succeed online

When you choose to work with Designers Up North, you are not just building a website. We can help drive traffic and customers with a clear digital marketing strategy.

With an estimated 300 – 500 websites built EVERY day* you need someone on board that can guide you through the murky world of online marketing. Someone who is up to date with Google updates. Someone who can leverage SEO through content marketing, social media and tested methods. Someone who will make your website a success.


How we make a difference

What separates us from other small business web design companies you may be looking at? It all boils down to your content.

For those who are redesigning a website, we analyse your existing content. How is the content currently ranking in search engines? Where can improvements be made? If you are starting from scratch we will create your content with you, ensuring that keywords are present, correct and will perform.

This approach guarantees a better quality website, with a strategy behind it that will place your business where it should be.

We won’t just build you a website. We’ll help build your business.

We’ve got your back.

Once you take delivery of your brand new website we’ll hold your hand all the way.

Our job does not start and end with a website going live. We can guide you, protect you and offer a full service backup meaning you can focus on running your business.

Our website support is tailored to each individual business and can be tailored to suit your needs. Some business owners like to be hands-on with the website maintenance and only call us in when required, or if they are taking a holiday. For others, they have no interest in website maintenance and tweaking content to get the best results from search engines.

Speak to us today about your ongoing support requirements.

“A highly qualified and professional team, who continually provide an efficient, honest and reliable service. We could not recommend them highly enough.”

Natasha Baker

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

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