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What is a Brochure Style Website?

With so many different types of website available, what does this actually mean?

Brochure Website Design

To promote your business or company services, a brochure website design can often be the best, and most cost effective, solution. It’s simple, eye-catching and can be picked up time and time again – from the coffee table or your tablet.

A brochure showcases your services with effective words and captivating images. It can feature on your company website’s social media pages, engaging clients across many platforms.

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I think I want a brochure website.

We’ve all been there – in the car showroom, the house you’re viewing, the supermarket – making choices.

Your website brochure is like this – you have a short space of time to engage a web visitor. They don’t like the showroom, the house, the supermarket – they’ll leave and probably won’t return.

Engage potential customers, sell a service through your brochure website.

That’s where the Designers Up North team come in: great design, stunning photography and illustrations with all the online know how to get you noticed on Google.

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“Working with Jim and Matt has been effortless. Jim really understands your ideas and makes them work. They are always on hand to answer any question I have (no matter how silly…and there has been some) will always take the time and effort to describe and discuss anything with you. Their attention to detail and knowledge is excellent. I’m very happy with my website and logo and will always recommend them.”

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brochure website design

So what is a brochure website?

A printed brochure for the digital world if you like.  Visually attractive, SEO friendly and a damned good read all in one with about 20 pages maximum.

Easily moved around, as simple as turning a page, with pinch and zoom, and at the end you shut the brochure and call the company in question.

A well made brochure website has the potential to be a brilliant tool for promoting your business on the web and can also be the most cost-effective.

However, there are potential pitfalls you will want to avoid…

Is a brochure website the correct choice for my business?

Brochure websites are a standard request made by small businesses that have a limited budget AND who rarely make changes to their website content. They have a long shelf-life so to speak.

This is where many businesses make a mistake. Just placing information about your business online does not guarantee success. It needs an aim, a mission. It needs to attract and retain those website visitors.

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I understand. Sounds like this IS my choice.

We have worked with many companies that are not actually looking for extra work.

All they require is a web design that proves they exist, looks professional and are serious about the services they offer.  It can personalise the business, showcase testimonials and offer visually compelling copy of the services.

Promoting your business in this way requires a considered and well designed website and is something we are experts at. You can have a brochure website that you can amend the content, add and remove pages, and also have a blog. It is optimised too for desktop, tablets and smartphones – at no extra cost, with seamless social media sharing.

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What are the problems associated with a brochure website?

It’s all about you. This is a fundamental flaw in any brochure web design and something we see every day. The services you offer, how good you are, how you are industry leaders.

These are all problematic. Instead of talking about ‘we’ you need to talk about ‘you’ and ‘your’ customers.

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How to engage your customers.

If your brochure website is failing to engage, educate and encourage your potential audience then you can be missing the single biggest measure of success of any business.

Ask yourself some simple questions before you commission any web design.

All of the listed questions can easily be implemented into a brochure website design, but there is a huge difference.

Instead of talking about yourself, you are talking about what benefit your business can bring to a customer’s finances, business, or even their lives.

Gone are the days of just proving who you are. You need to prove that you are an authority in your field. A recognised source of knowledge, expertise and trustworthy opinion.

Questions to ask

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Are you looking to increase website traffic?
  • Are you looking to engage your audience and educate them in new and exciting developments in your area of business?
  • Do you want more enquiries?
  • Are you missing out on conversions?
  • Can you prove you are the local expert in your business target market?

What can you do for me?

Designers Up North have worked with many small businesses. Many of these have simply requested a brochure website that verifies who they are yet once we explain the reasons behind making some adjustments to this, they can see the logic behind it.

Those who commission us find that over time, business increases, customers comment on their new brochure website, and even discover that you offer new services that they did not think you offered. The bottom line is it increases profit, re-engages existing customers and attracts new business.

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