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Website Design Costs in the UK: A Simple Guide for Small Business Owners

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Ever scratched your head wondering why some websites seem to cost an arm and a leg while others are super affordable? How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

If you’re a small business owner ready to get your new business online or redesigning your website, getting your head around website design costs is the most important factor.  

So, with over 20 years’ experience under our belts, let’s explain it; let’s leave the techy talk at the door and explore how you can get the most for your money!

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to build a website in the UK is not a quick question to answer. Think of understanding small business web design costs as like having a shopping list before going to Tesco.

It helps you plan, budget, and avoid buying unnecessary items.

It’s like having a business website that either costs you money or makes you money! A well-planned website can attract more customers and increase your profits.

Is Investing in Design for Small Businesses Worth It?

Picture this: Two local cafes.

One is warm and welcoming with the tastiest treats, and the other… well, it’s a bit of a dump.

Which one are you going to choose?

It’s the same with your website.

A site that’s easy on the eye and simple to use attracts customers with ease, but a clunky, ugly one?

It puts customers off.

What’s the Value in Knowing Website Costs?

Knowing the ins and outs of the costs helps you make smart choices, focus on what you really need, and dodge unnecessary expenses.

It’s all about spending wisely to build a website that best represents your brand and hits the right note with your audience.

Let’s Break Down these Website Design Costs

It’s what you’re here for.

Let’s Talk Pounds and Pence.

Building a website has a few different costs involved.

Simply, they are…

Domain and Hosting Costs:

Domain: It’s your online address, like the name above your shop, and it’s usually £10 to £20 a year.

Hosting: Think of this as your online rent. It’s typically £5 to £20 a month.

Our Tip: Go for a trustworthy provider and a plan that fits your needs. And if you’re feeling a bit lost, we’re here to lend a hand! We use and recommend Siteground.

Design and Development Costs

Design: It’s all about how your site looks and feels, and it usually ranges from £500 to £2,000.

Development: This is all the behind-the-scenes magic to make everything tick, and it can be between £1,000 to £2,000, more if you require eCommerce.

Our Tip: Keep it simple. A modern, clean, easy-to-use design, with local SEO optimisation is perfect for most businesses that do not require eCommerce.

This type of website is 90% of our work and cost between £1,500 and £2,000 VAT Free.

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Simple Ways for Your Small Business to Save

Making Your Money Work for You: Affordable small business website design doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets.

Here are some tips to help you squeeze the most value out of every penny.

It’s all about spending smart!

Focus on the Must-Haves:

Tip: Jot down the absolute essentials for your company website and put your money there first. You could consider writing a website creative brief?

It’s like covering the basics before splashing out on the fancy stuff!

Go for Ready-Made Templates:

Tip: Speak to your web designer.

Opting for a pre-made template can be a real money-saver.

They can recommend one that is known to work and you could save more by using a one-page website design.

It’s a wallet-friendly alternative that cuts down on development costs!

Don’t Skimp on Quality:

Tip: Spending on professional design and development will save you from headaches and extra costs down the line.

It’s investing in your business’s future.

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Real Stories: Learning from Those Who’ve Done It

Let’s peek at some real-life stories of small businesses who’ve mastered the art of getting the most out of their web design costs. 

It’s like picking up tips from those who’ve already shown it can be done.

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains

Challenge: Wanted a sleek, luxury, user-friendly website but were working with a tight budget after the pandemic.

Solution: Chose a ready-made template and zeroed in on the SEO, designing a luxury website that showcased their railway journeys

Gingerbeard Weddings web designGingerbeard Weddings

Challenge: Wanted to dominate the local rankings in Manchester for wedding photography

Solution: Kept the focus on key wedding photography features and invested heavily in local SEO for photographers and backlinks, paving the way for a page one ranking website without burning a hole in his pocket.

That’s it. You’re up to speed.

Cracking the code of web design costs is key to making choices that are smart and value-packed.

By knowing where your quid goes, prioritising smartly, and drawing inspiration from others, you can build a website that’s true to your business and a magnet for customers, all without breaking the bank.

Creating a standout website on a budget?

Totally doable and it’s what we do.

So, with these nuggets of wisdom in hand, are you ready to dive in and bring your dream website to life?

Remember, we’re here to guide you every step of the way if you want.

Get in touch with either Jim or Matt if you want to have a further chat 🙂

Need a Small Business Website Designer?

Having an effective website is a must for a small business owner.

Reaching new clients, establishing yourself in your area of expertise, and gaining trust in your brand are just three of the things your website can help you to achieve.

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The design is just the start.

Once your website is launched, there are a whole manner of things you can do to give your website every chance of success.

We include training sessions to show you how to change content on your site and give you plenty of tips to help you. You will also receive a complimentary allocation of our website maintenance package, which’ll keep things running smoothly – much like getting your car serviced.

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