Independent Estate Agent Website Design & Branding

Farrell Walton are an estate agent based in East Anglia and had been shopping around for a cost effective website and logo design. After trawling through a host of companies ‘specialising’ in Estate Agent Website Design packages they soon realised that not everything was as it seemed.

Search online for ‘estate agent website design’ and there are a multitude of websites that sell a platform, a solution, a low-cost option to enabling the new agency to get an online presence. Delve further however and it soon becomes clear that very quickly the costs stack up, the extras are another monthly charge, and many things you expect as ‘standard’ come at a price.

One web design agency likes to charge £50 a month for responsive design. £50 a month. Every month. For as long as you have the website. If you are 4 years down the line, have been too preoccupied to analyse this then you could have spent £2,400 for something that in this day and age is not an extra, it’s standard practice. That’s without the £100 a month standard fee, or the fact that for any website design that looks vaguely modern you can pay upwards of £1,500 to £4,000 for! Add these all together and you soon come up with a staggering figure. Here at Designers Up North we believe every website should be responsive – for no extra cost – and email accounts, banner designs, online chat features and more are all included within the initial design build. The total cost of Farrell Walton’s website design was £2,450. A one off payment. Multiple email addresses, property search enabled, chat feature, blog, banners, responsive design, fully optimised for their local market and all at no extra cost.

estate agent logo

Estate Agent Logo Design & Branding

For a new Estate Agent, their logo is paramount. Their branding even more so.

Check your local Google results for ‘Estate Agent’ and you will find a highly competitive marketplace. Visit any number of websites and you will find a brand that consists of stock photography mainly depicting young ‘american’ looking couples unpacking boxes, auction hammers and rather cheap looking graphics that don’t help differentiate one agent from the other. Makes it a bit hard to remember who impressed you doesn’t it.

Working with our photographer Steve Grogan, we set out to put a stop to that. Bespoke images, taken in their local area, including some stunning black and white portraits putting faces to names.


Creating the right impression
for your business

Stationery and Property Details

Equally important to any marketing Estate Agents take on is the print side – business stationery, property details, folders and more.

estate agent details

It’s not often that you find service and quality as exceptional as Designers Up North provides.

Homeflow were originally recommended to us to build a website for our new business – but I already knew of Jim’s abilities. He did not disappoint again. The website has drawn plaudits from friends, family and even business rivals. Designers Up North – Jim, Steve and Matt – treated us and our specific needs brilliantly and we weren’t made to feel like parts on a conveyor belt. Everything about the website works seamlessly – the high quality photography by Steve, the software plugins by Matt and the website itself by Jim.

Many thanks, Claire and Stuart

Directors of Farrell Walton Ltd.