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Looking for a new design agency?

By January 4, 2014March 24th, 20203 Comments
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Looking for a new a design agency is not that hard. Picking one is often a hard, confusing process.

If you are looking for a new design agency the reason normally stems from being unsatisfied with your current choice. We have heard a multitude of reasons from clients why they wanted to leave – from a lack of communication, to a feeling of being taken for granted, through to the more obvious reasons of cost or a perceived slackening off of creativity.

We’re looking for a new design agency. You’ve got 3 minutes.

We understand…. Let’s put something out there. How about you stop looking for a new design agency.

Design agencies cost a lot of money for a very good reason – because they are experienced, employ clever creatives and can call upon experts when required. We know that, you know that and they know that. So what if you could get design agency quality work, without paying design agency prices? I can almost imagine what you are thinking…

“But you get what you pay for in life. We’re not interested in stack-them-high-and-sell-them-cheap outfits. We’ve been burnt before”.

You’re right. There are a multitude of online websites, competitions and designers out there that will happily work for bottom dollar prices and produce something that you ‘could’ use, but so will 47 other companies with exactly the same look.

What we are talking about is superb designers, brilliant website designers and creative minds, all with design agency experience, but charging freelance prices.

Many agencies employ freelance designers. They are bought in a job-to-job basis, dependent upon their skills and are asked to solve problems for clients with design. And they are charged out to you at agency prices. Would you be interested in employing those very same designers – and pay less? We’re not talking a logo design for £5, or a website build for £99 but experienced, imaginative individuals who love what they do, and do it very well.

We like to call it a co-operative.

At Designers Up North, we produce superb design. It’s what we do, and we do it very well. We are proud to work for small and large businesses, and treat neither any differently. We also believe that good design is good business. For you, and for us. And good business means saving and making money.

New-Homes-Website-DesignYou can pay a design agency serious amounts of money, but within that cost you are paying for slick premises, the receptionists, the account managers, the directors, maybe the  cleaners as well.

With Designers Up North you are paying for creatives and design. No more. No less. Just pure, clean, bright ideas that focus on your business and your customers.

It’s all about relationships.

We have worked for some of our clients for nearly 20 years. Yes, really, 20 years.We have evolved as they have, developed, expanded and grown in skills, knowledge and size, exactly as our clients have. We have got busier, we have taken on new clients, but fundamentally we have never forgotten our roots and never compromised our belief that each and every client is as important as each other.

Luxury Property Brochure DesignNo matter whether they employ 200 or 2 staff, each business gets exactly the same drive, attention and care as each other.

We become extensions of your company, someone you can call and ask for opinions about new media, growing trends that are occurring and how they work. We are consulted and trusted. Most of all we are good. Very good.

Cutting through the jargon.

Paramount to our success is our ability to talk your language. One of the frequent praises we receive is that we do not try to confuse, baffle with science, or over-elaborate. If you are looking for a new design agency we promise we speak the same vocabulary as you do, and frequently use 20 words where others use 200. If you are not used to working with designers it can sometimes seem they live in a parallel universe, obsessed with words and phrases you would never hear unless you had been to Art College and breathed ‘creativity.

so company in manchesterYou will never hear us utter ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘pushing the envelope’, you can even forget about hearing dreaded marketing phrases such as ROI, SEO, PPC and CMS, we focus on one word. Results.

Sounds to good to be true?

Of course it does. But where is the harm in contacting us and finding out. You are looking for a new design agency after all. Give us 5 minutes of your time and we are confident we can walk-the-walk and not just do the talk.

Take a look at our work, call any of our clients and ask their opinion, or simply ring for a quote. You will be pleasantly surprised that in a world of false promises and smoke and mirrors some things just feel right. But then again, we are Designers. And we are Up North.

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