Is email marketing good for small businesses?

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If you’ve ever wondered is email marketing good for small businesses the good news is ‘Yes. Very’.

Email marketing is easily one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with existing customers, and potential ones too. 

Small businesses often have budget limitations when it comes to marketing their company or service. Email marketing has the potential to be one of your most powerful tools as it can cost as little as 1p per email address to send a beautiful, well designed and thought our email campaign.

If you plan and use this medium in the correct way you can earn trust, build brand loyalty and convert that into hard sales.

Email Marketing Facts.

Everyone has an email address.

Many people have a social media account of some sorts and we have all heard someone mutter ‘Do you know what, I’ve had enough of being on Twitter/Facebook etc, I’m coming off’. We have all set up a social media account and then forgotten all about it, left it to stagnate and never checked in on it.

What we don’t do is change our email address. The bottom line is it is a hassle to change this, so we stick with them. We might get a new one but we always check our email accounts ‘just in case’.

Why it’s useful for small businesses.

Small businesses need to use every potential way to build their customer base. 

When one of those methods is simple, cheap and effective it’s easy to see why it’s useful for your business.

  1. It is permission based. We sign up to receive email notifications from companies that we are interested in, or the service and product they sell. Your customers have already indicated they want to know more.
  2. If you can then provide those people with the information they were hoping to  receive you will be rewarded with sales, interaction and maybe even referrals.

Enticing your audience.

Now this is where you need to start planning.

Ultimately what you are aiming to do is to make the recipient of the email do something.

  1. Do you want them to call you?
  2. Are you getting them to revisit your website?
  3. Are you offering them a discount?
  4. Is the information included going to make them act?
  5. Is the purpose of the email to remind them of your services?

Professional copywriting, great design and compelling content will make your audience act.

Building your email list.

Building an email list is often the hardest part but it needn’t be.

We can add an email capture form on every page of your website that gives your visitors the chance to sign up to receive notifications.

butcher-web-design-responsiveIf you’ve browsed around this website you might have seen ours. It pops up after a designated amount of time and offers you a 10% discount. The offer doesn’t have a time limit, it doesn’t pressure you to make a decision quickly as we know that people look around and want to make an educated choice.

What it does do is provide you with a way of making a saving simply for considering us. A small thank you for taking the time to find out about us. It gets sign ups every single day of the week and converts regularly.

How can I be sure it will work?

Let me give you a perfect example of the power of email marketing.

We are a design company. We produce graphic design for print, websites, marketing services and just about anything a business could need to promote itself. We know that and we thought all our clients did too.

We were wrong.

mobile-phone-emarketingWe assumed that everyone knew about all of our services. We have been working for one of our oldest clients for 8 years, producing brochures, adverts and flyers on a regular basis. A few days after sending out one of our monthly emails I took a call from the managing director. His opening words on that phone call were ‘I never knew you were website designers as well, we were shopping around to get our site updated.’

I always assumed that our clients knew all of our services, and certainly thought that everyone knew we built websites! It makes up 50% of our business after all. I was wrong and after that single phone call I never assumed anything again.

We got the job, built them a beautiful website, and got 2 referrals off the back of it once our customers’ friends and audience saw it.

One email. Total cost about £120. Total return? Over £5,000.

Repeat Customers.

The single most common mistake of any business is to forget about existing customers.

Most repeat customers will spend more than a first time buyer. It’s not a shock. They know you. They trust you.

Therefore the easiest way to stay in touch with this valuable customer is via email marketing. It’s less intrusive than picking up the phone and has a higher conversion rate than direct mail marketing. One of the biggest bonuses is you can see who has opened the email. You can see who has clicked a link. You can then see how many times they checked back. How valuable would that information be to your business?


Now you are at the bottom of this post it’s clear you should know this wonderful feature when it comes to email marketing.

You don’t have to be there, you don’t even have to know about it. It will just happen. An autoresponder is an email that is automatically sent out to someone based upon an action.

email-marketing-templatesThis action could be when they sign up to an email sign up form, or someone who abandons your shopping cart.

There’s an interesting opportunity isn’t it? Why did they abandon their purchase? You could remind them that that purchase is being held for them. You could ask them what made them step away from the final purchase. You could offer a limited time discount in that email for any purchase they make in the next 24 hours.

Whatever you choose to do with an autoresponder you will gain one marvellous benefit. Knowledge. That knowledge could make you change part of your website. Was it too slow? Too complicated? Simply too expensive? Whatever the reason you can adjust, react to it, and change to ensure that is a one off. Pretty useful huh?

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