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How to sell your property development

By June 25, 2015October 1st, 2017One Comment
how to sell your property development

How to sell your property development – A comprehensive guide

It feels odd to start a blog written in 2015 with the line, “we get loads of phone calls every week…” but on the subject of property development it’s no word of a lie.

The incoming calls are generally made by sales-hungry property developers in desperate need of assistance; one half of them know they need to hire our services in order to get things moving, through the rich mix of a stunning property brochure, engaging website and compelling adverts. All of this will help bring their homes to life.

The other half, however, are under the illusion that a double-sided A4 flyer and a small box advert in the local press will be enough to sell their property. Wrong. It’s a hugely competitive market place and this approach often ends in frustration and ultimately proves more
costly than actively marketing the properties.

Designers Up North have been working with developers, real estate professionals and estate agents for many years, during which time we have acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to market homes effectively. Because we are a generous bunch we’ve put together a simple ‘best practice’ guide on how to sell your property development (and quickly).

1) Create a ‘brand’ for your property development

When it comes to selling your property development it doesn’t matter if you are selling a single home, or a development of 40 properties, you need to create a brand.

Let’s take an example of a single property.

We are often approached by developers who are building just the one home rather than a full estate, normally earmarked for what you would call a ‘high end’ resident. However, whether it is a footballer’s mansion or a simple two-bedroom bungalow, it needs to have a personality, an identity, be ‘branded’.

Barn Logo DesignSure, your new home for sale may be listed as number 47, Smith Street, [insert town here], but let’s reinvent this and brand it up.

How about we name this property, give it some character: The Beeches, Cyprium or The Crescent, for example. Suddenly your new home comes to life – and not only that, it creates a vision in the potential buyer’s mind.

2) Sell a lifestyle

Selling a house is easier when you also sell a lifestyle to go with it.

Emphasising the location is one way to go about this: “five minutes from the vibrant centre of up-and-coming town x” or “enjoy the best of both worlds, from coast to country”. Buyers immediately look to attain that lifestyle, and escape from the one they are in.

Builders Property BrochureEveryone is moving for a reason. Is it for more space? Is it to be closer to the great outdoors? Is it for that extra bathroom or because it’s nearer to their workplace?

Whatever the reason, tap into it. It may be close to the nearest train station or some of the best country walks the areas has to offer. Developers often need some persuading to pay for extra pages of a property brochure to go off topic and extol the virtues of the area however it’s well worth a try – and we have seen the sales to prove it.

Cover every angle and your potential buyer has all the information they need and they may discover things they had not considered before.

See our property brochure designs

3) Make your new home real with CGI

That’s Computer Generated Images for the uninitiated.

Selling your property development off-plan is every developer’s dream. You can target investors, or simply cash buyers that can see through the muddy development site and realise they can be first through the door to either make money, or beat the rush once the building is coming out of the ground.

Holland ParkWhat’s the easiest way? Through CGI. Our professional artists can bring your architectural drawings to life instantly. You would be surprised at the number of property developers who DO NOT use this simple tool, deeming it to be an expense they can do without. Yet in our experience, creating a CGI is one way to ensure maximum interest by tempting even the most cynical buyer into asking for more information.

It’s a known fact that by adding a touch of CGI magic to your sales brochure you’re significantly increasing the chance of your properties flying off the shelf – we can put you in touch with CGI converts if you still need some convincing.

4) Make the property’s floor plans real

Again, this is adding a touch of finesse to your dull and soulless marketing material.
cgi-architect-illustrationsBy making the floor plans ‘real’, we mean instead of producing flat, two-dimensional images as shown here, you take these and create a three-dimensional view of each and every room in the home. Populate each room with actual furniture and your potential buyer can immediately see the real size of each room, and more importantly, start to personalise it in their mind.

Seeing the size of a double bed in a room immediately gives a sense of space and allows a potential buyer to process how large the room actually is. On a 2D floor plan, 3.2m x 3.6m means absolutely nothing unless you regularly read floor plans, are an estate agent or a property investor. To someone spending what will arguably be the largest amount of money they will ever spend it’s too complicated and needs simplifying.

5) Sell the location of your property

If it is located somewhere worth shouting about then don’t hold back.

I mean it. If it’s near a train station (but not too near mind you) then tell everyone. If it’s round the corner from some swanky bars and restaurants then flag it up. If it’s nestled in some idyllic rolling hills then for the love of God ram it home, ideally assisted by a nice photo.

It sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed how many developers leave it up to buyers to find things out for themselves. It’s madness.

See our property brochure designs


6) Push the specification

Forget less is more – you NEED to throw the kitchen sink in.

a4-property-brochure-perfect-bindIn our experience, most property developers are choosing the specification long after the build has started.

When they approach us to design a brochure or website to sell their new home we are often met with a blank stare when we ask for a detailed specification.

Property AdvertThis is a mistake. Our best-selling property developments always offer a detailed specification, show images from suppliers and start from the kitchen and work their way down to what style plug sockets you are going to get. Are they chrome? Are they brass? Are they contemporary?

Do buyers care at this stage? Damn right they do…

7) Give them an offer

It takes a bold buyer to pay for a property up front before a brick has been laid – but why not dangle the carrot?

The house is going to be great – you know that. The marketing brochure is stunning too – it’s been created by Designers Up North so of course it is. But for all your confidence about how easily the property will sell you have to remember that people are naturally cautious about parting with lots of money. There’s not a lot you can do about this, so what CAN you do?

Well, how about reducing down that asking price a notch in return for a purchase off plan? It’s a tried and trusted technique which, however, will only work if the plans look a million dollars and it’s an offer just too irresistible to refuse.

8) Make it exclusive

You’ll have an ideal buyer in mind so tailor your property and marketing to Mr. Right.

new-jomes-flyer-designWhat we don’t mean here is pitching your sale specifically for a Mr. Edmondson, his wife and three lovely daughters from the neighbouring village who have always longed to live somewhere a bit more rural.

What we do mean is make it seem as if your property was built for an individual or family with certain characteristics. Affluent – check. Multiple car household so big drive required – check.  Security conscious so high fences and gates to the perimeter – check. All of a sudden, you’re selling to a real person with real needs and when they come and make that enquiry it will be as if the house was made just for them.

9) Invest in your marketing

Good marketing sells homes – it’s really that simple.

We work with estate agents and property developers, on a local and national level, some high profile, some less so.  Do you know what separates the ones that sell their homes from the ones that don’t? Yes, it’s the marketing.

New Homes Release FlyerEstate Agents are exceptional at selling homes face-to-face, yet in our experience most fail when it comes to producing top quality property brochures, sumptuous websites, leaflet designs and adverts to help introduce them to potential buyers.

A lot of them offer this service for free, often as a sweetener to get the property seller on board, yet the clever ones then approach a professional designer to help them collate all the sales material into one simple, comprehensive and appealing product. This is where you can save money by spending money.

Commission copywriters, professional photographers, videographers, CGI artists, graphic designers and a website designer. Sounds an awful lot of money doesn’t it but Designers Up North can bring it all together and make the investment truly worthwhile.

You can see a prime example of what can be achieved with this video created for Heritage Homes.

10) Hire a professional graphic designer

Like graphic designers can’t build houses, property developers can’t produce killer marketing.

heritage-homes-property-brochure-designOnce we’ve established this, we’re on to a winner. If you put your faith in us as the marketing experts we won’t let you down. Sure, you’ll have opinions (they sometimes may even be right) however we have years’ of experience in helping developers to sell their properties through targeted, polished communications so keep the faith.

If you scrimp on your marketing, even trying to – gulp – do it yourself, you run the risk of drastically under-selling what may be a magnificent property. And we certainly don’t want that.

Take a look at some of our property brochure examples today and get in touch.

See our property brochure designs


There you have it – How to sell your property development – one comprehensive list of what it takes to get your property sold. So where to start? That’s the easy bit, just drop us a line or fire over an email using the details below and we’ll take it from there. We’ll be helping you to knock in the ‘Sold’ sign in no time.  

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