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How much is an eCommerce Website?

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Over the years we have had many people approach us asking ‘How much is an eCommerce website?’ with a dream of opening an online shop, after all just how complicated can it be?

You have a product, an idea, and want a website that provides a shop window to sell them on. Selling your products online should be easy, it should be the start of a dream, the start of your own business – but many clients have been put off by astronomical figures quoted by large design agencies. It needn’t be that way.

So how much is an ecommerce website?

The most astonishing example we have ever encountered was of one client clutching a quote for over £20,000 for an eCommerce website design. Yes there were a lot of products that were potentially to be sold, and the solution offered was a very good one. But it was not suitable for their budget.

On examination we drew up an alternative plan that would get them online for 20% of that original quote – £4,000 in real money.

What platform should my eCommerce store be built on?

10 minutes research on the internet will throw up hundreds of potential solutions. Magento, Shopify, EKM, WordPress and all the major hosting providers will offer you the base on which to build your online shop. Each is different, every one will work, but all have different cost implications. We can guide you on the choices to suit your individual needs.

I don’t have much of a budget. What are my options?

eCommerce websites overall costs are determined by a few simple factors.

Features, functionality and the content. A shop selling thousands of items will cost much more than one selling 50 items. Additionally, an online store that requires the potential buyer to customise items, such as clothing, or to personalise items will increase the budget significantly due to the complex programming that is required.

For simple online stores, a budget of £3,000+ will provide you the perfect platform to build a brand and a business. This is a one off fee – no monthly charges, no on going costs, it’s all paid for and you can then start selling your products and bringing in profits.

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