Frequently asked questions


How much do you charge for logo design?

There is no set price for a logo design due to each individual project having its own set of requirements. However, If you equate logo design to any other service or product then you get what you pay for.

We are professional logo designers. A good budget enables us to dedicate all our time to research, your company, the industry sector you work in, your competition and how best to generate your design. All of this still hasn’t answered your question though has it. If you budget £500 – £700 for your logo then you will get a fantastic logo. Your logo is the centrepiece of your business, so it is worth spending a reasonable sum.

However, if you have a budget in mind, tell us and we will let you know if we can work to it.

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How much do you charge for web design?

There are many factors that affect the overall price of a website design. Size, complexity, platform, content, features and functionality to name a few.

We always want to speak to you about your project. We can create a website for a small business at prices starting from £900. This gives you a content management system, enabling you to update your own content or blog, and also built responsively so that it views perfectly on any given screen size or device. None of this is an extra cost. It is built in from day one – hence there is no ‘Websites from £199’ adverts here. For larger projects we like to sit down and discuss your goals, objectives and plans. This way we guarantee building you exactly the website you need.

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I need a brochure. How much will this cost?

Brochure design starts from £50 per page, moving up a sliding scale to £100 per page for more complicated designs. On average prices tend to rarely go above £75 per page.

Additional costs will be incurred if you require images, or the text written for your brochure. We have contacts with superb photographers if you need something a bit special, but we also offer a picture research service should you wish to use stock photography. Picture research costs £35 per hour, where we will research and hunt down the very best images suitable for your project. Images can cost as little as £10 each but can be significantly more from certain sites. We know where to get you good value.

Chris, our copywriter, will also happily quote for any writing needs you may have. Often this can be cheaper than you think, and also leaves you to do what you do best – run your business.

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Can I see some ideas and pay you if I like them?

Sorry, that isn’t how we work. We always request a 50% deposit up-front and a signed contract before starting any design job. It is this practise which protects yourselves, and us.

You are employing professional designers – and we are exactly that. Professional. We will create exactly what you are looking for because we are good at what we do. It is our profession, our craft, our area of expertise.


Can I apply for a job with you?

We are always interested in seeing new designers and creatives, and never turn anyone down if they want to show us their work.

If you are a freelance designer and have a great portfolio, then contact us through our contact form or email us at studio(at) Sadly we rarely have opportunities for work experience though.


Do we need to have a meeting?

This is entirely up to you and most of the time depends on the scale of the project.

For large design jobs, branding or website designs we will always come to you – However, we have worked for companies in the United States, Australia and Germany to name a few – As much as we would like to fly out, 9 times out of 10 we can discuss ideas and have a meeting digitally using Skype.