First Day Back At Work

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Happy New Year everyone. Except it’s not. My head is not working.

I reckon 99% of people worldwide felt as I did earlier today. Did I seize the day? Did I heck. It seized me, round the neck and threw me down the stairs and lobbed my shoes, lunch and keys after me like an angry wife. It didn’t feel that great this morning to be honest, as I dragged my weary (for that you can read overfed and over-watered) body out of it’s pit and tried to get moving again after a good festive break. I even made a little ‘oof’ noise as I stood up. And that’s really bad.

It’s a funny thing design, don’t you think? I have no idea what you, the reader feel, but I like to think in my head I am a bit like Wayne Rooney, or any other Manchester United player, in that I need match fitness, a sharpness, to ensure I am going to do my best for the team or a client. (Stop laughing at the back, I mean it – I know relating myself to an elite sportsman is ridiculous but go with it – for now at least).

The weird thing is I have had nearly 2 weeks off, and have properly relaxed, even forgotten about work – and that is rarer than hen’s teeth trust me. I don’t even do this on my summer holiday to be honest. But then again I don’t indulge myself to quite the extent on Mince Pies, Cheese, Meat, Port, Baileys, Champagne, Lager and Cocktails that I do over Christmas. Blame my family for that – George Best couldn’t have kept up with some of this lot.

So, today I sat down, fired up the Mac and…… nothing.

A proper empty head. Writers Block? Do designers get writers block? Is it creative freeze? Lord knows… All that matters is I couldn’t do a thing. Not one idea, not one spark. I checked my emails, filtered out the spam, read some lovely festive messages from clients and friends and that didn’t help.  The only cure for this I thought, is biscuits – I’m joking (partially. A good Custard Cream is always a  help though) – the real cure for me is just to muck around. Aimless as a leaf on the wind (get me, quite the poet). I like to do something for no reason other than to get the brain moving again. So there’s my focus. A brain. let’s get doodling with the brain as the main idea. So I did. For 3 hours (and a packet of biscuits).

The result is this little poster design, and you know what, I like it. I rarely like anything that I do for myself but actually this works. it’s bright, colourful, simple and effective. A welcome tonic to the winter months and it got me moving again.

Whether I put it out there and use it as a flyer, or a poster, is up for debate, but it did its job and now I feel ready to go again. Once I’ve polished off the remains of those Mince Pies, Cheese, Meat, Port, Baileys etc…

What do you do when there are no creative juices flowing? Would love to get some other ideas other than my fallback, biscuits!

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  • Susan Cooper says:

    I laughed and thought boy does this ever sound like me. It was as if the creative side of my brain just dried up. It’s a very good thing that I had planned ahead and posted well in advance or I might have gone silent which has never happened in over two years. So what did/do I do? I cook new recipes or better yet old ones with a twist. I seems to get my right brain going. So I am cooking … A LOT… LOL. 🙂

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