Sealed, Delivered.

Stunning email marketing. Guaranteed.

Designed, sealed, delivered – it’s yours.

Your potential customers will receive stacks of emails a day so making yours stand out can be tricky. We’ve been designing highly effective HTML emails for years so know what works best – let us create a customised e-marketing template for your company that you can re-use time and time again to drive visitors to your business website design.

Stunning Emails. Guaranteed.

If you sign up for your email template by December 30th 2016 we’ll design one for you for £149 (and the usual price? That’s £199)

You’ll then have unlimited use of an engaging piece of communication that you can modify and update as you see fit. Either way, your customers won’t fail to be impressed by what they see, compelling them to click through and find out more. E-marketing in Manchester has never been easier to embrace.

Effective campaigns just a click away.

The beauty of e-marketing is that it is fast, hassle-free and highly cost-effective.

From as little as 2 pence per email you can plan, distribute and manage large campaigns by following a few easy steps. You can then return to past campaigns and re-send as required without repeating the whole process – you can even schedule them to be sent at some point in the future.

Detailed analysis, at-a-glance.

The analysis and evaluation of complex campaigns can be taxing, however e-marketing enables the generation of clear, timely reports that can inform future activity.

Open rates, click through rates and most popular links are just a few of the types of data that can be captured following the distribution of an email. This arms you with plenty of knowledge as you look to enhance your service.

We can create an email capture form on every page of your website, that allows customers and potential clients to sign up to recieve your emails. Once subscribed, they are automatically added to your email list. we have one in the footer of every webpage. Go on, have a look…

HTML emails enable you to receive reports on all your campaigns. Who clicked, when, what pages they visited. If you send large numbers of emails from your regular email client, you also risk getting your company email address labelled as SPAM.

Email addresses that are OK to use are: People who have signed up receive your emails via an online form; Potential customers who have handed you a business card; Have purchased something from you within 2 years; Have filled in a printed form indicating their interest.

Before sending any campaign, we run a rigorous approval procedure on your email lists. All that means is we need to be sure that your emails are genuine, and not bought. This is a one-off process and additional added emails are not subjected to this again.

Using powerful email delivery servers, your message can be sent in a matter of minutes, no matter how large your list. You can schedule your delivery, meaning you can send at night, on weekends, or even when you are on holiday.

So now you’ve read it all. And the final question is ‘So how much will this cost me?’ – Listed below is a simple to use pricing table that shows your exact cost depending upon the number of emails you send. It’s a one-off fee, with no ongoing costs.

Template Design

£ 149

Editable for future use
  • Personalise your email
  • Engage with your audience
  • Professional Design
  • Build your brand
  • Social sharing built in
  • Ability to personalise emails
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Most PopularPay per campaign

£ 7.50

Per Send
  • 3p per email
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Track your results instantly
  • Detailed reports
  • Ability to design own email templates
  • Social sharing built in
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Superb list management
  • Send 1000 emails for £37.50
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Own Control Panel

£ 99

One off set-up fee
  • Own Control panel
  • Edit your mailing list
  • Detailed reports on campaigns
  • Learn to grow your list
  • Instant tracking results
  • Take control of your marketing
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