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Jim is the owner and founder of Designers Up North and is the lead creative behind the company. With 20 years experience working in agencies, and running a creative business, you are in good hands when it comes to all things creative. Sadly he is obsessed with the Countdown Maths Puzzles and is stuck in the 90’s musically. With this in mind be prepared to be taken back to a time when the Stone Roses ruled the world and a pint cost £1.50.

On the plus side he loves custard creams, listening to cricket on the radio, football, and thinks Manchester is the centre of the universe.

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Bee Gees – More than a woman

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Web Developer

Matt is our digital ‘font of all knowledge’ and all round code-monkey. We’ll be honest here, we have no idea where Matt lives and we’ve actually forgotten what he looks like as all we see is the back of his head or a voice over Skype. If he’s not sat at his Mac building things with code, he is playing 5-a-side football and is currently obsessed with getting fit for his half marathon attempt. Rather you than us Matt 🙂 He never gets stressed, which makes us stressed, and is arguably the most organised person we have ever met. Annoyingly.

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Elaine Paige – I know him so well

Web Development & Design



Steve is proper northern. By that we mean at any time of the year he will be found in T-Shirt and shorts, no matter what the weather. When others are dying of cold, Steve can be found relaxing like it’s 80 degrees in the shade. Truly astonishing. When he is not taking award winning photographs he loves Haribo sweets, heavy metal, nature, and is proud to say he has not missed a Manchester Derby since Matt Busby was manager. Apparently.

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Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up

Our Photography Services



Chris is our wordsmith. Although I can assure you he definitely did not get anywhere near to writing this – If he had he may well have led you up the garden path and you would have imagined George Clooney had changed career.

Often spotted wandering lonely as a cloud with his quill in hand (see what we did there), he has the uncanny knack of using the least amount of words when necessary – ie “Make a brew Chris”, “No” – “Who has eaten all the digestives?”, “Me.” – “Whose round is it”, “Not mine…” – You get the picture.

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Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

What a copywriter does



Meet our favourite scouser Ste. He drew these dashing illustrations of us so by law we have to be nice to him. As you can tell from his illustration Ste is, without doubt, the smartest chap we have ever come across. He loves a snappy suit with red shoes, which really makes him stand out on the Kop. He is a pessimistic Liverpool fan which is why we have separated Steve and Ste here for obvious reasons (plus shorts don’t go with a suit. Obviously).  He makes the best brew, cycles, and runs, although thankfully not at the same time, and has even less hair than me which is ace. Plus he’s the best bloody character illustrator full stop.

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Human League – Electric Dreams

Illustration Services....

I have worked with Designers Up North on a number of occasions to create our entire company branding, logo and website. After many years in business, they are the most professional, creative and efficient firm of designers I have ever worked with. The end result, the finish and their attention to detail is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Their service is the best value for money I have ever come across within the design and creative industry.

Steve Madden

Managing Director, Hamilton Cross