Were heading Down South

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Some things just make sense. You know those decisions. We have all made them. Just a simple, straight ‘Yes, that’s the right move’. Well we’ve made one of those recently.

As you know we are Designers Up North, which begs the question what do those poor devils who live down south do when they need the same quality graphic and website design? It’s blindingly obvious but from today they can now hop over to Designers Down South!

Based just outside Plymouth is Designers Down South HQ, run by our very own Matt.

He has very bravely offered to head down and brave the heat, the M5 and M6 (That’s the bit that needs applauding) and the distinct lack of gravy on your chips to bring our expertise to the other end of the country. It’s not Hong Kong, New York and Paris we know, but we’d miss Match of the Day, proper brews and proper pubs too much to go that far.

Now we can have business meetings on the beach, eat Cornish Pasties and bring contraband Cider back to these northern shores as well as supply businesses in Devon and Cornwall with the effective and beautiful design that we are famous for.

Why not dive over and say hello!

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