Copywriting that creates business

Choice language. Unique, strong, and effective words. Often the last thing that appears on a creative brief. But it should be the first. Up North we are known to have a way with words – read on for what our copywriters can create for you.

Copywriting for Websites

Relevant, original and engaging copy has never been more important to Mr Google and friends as you strive for the summit of the search rankings.

Our copywriting service is SEO-friendly with a natural flow of keywords and style that is both easy to follow and a damn good read all in one.

Copy for websites
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Copywriting for Adverts

Whether web-based or good old fashioned print, adverts need to be clear, concise and attention-grabbing. All at the same time.

This is a tough ask when you have other advertisers jostling for position in an already cramped publication or web page, however our advertising copywriters know all the tricks of the trade to lure your customers into making an enquiry.

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Copywriting for Brochures

Producing a brochure can be very daunting, particularly if you have lots to say but no idea how to say it.

We can work on as much or as little of your brochure as you like, sticking to the brief but ever willing to throw in a great idea here and there. Whatever our input you will have a key marketing document that will speak volumes for your company.

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Copywriting for Blogs

A popular blog post could well be your single most effective form of online communication as it enables you to engage with your audience, reaffirm your expertise and provides fresh content to be picked up by search engines.

Our bloggers are fast, versatile and can write accurate content on any subject you throw at them.

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PR Copywriting

If there is something you’d like to share with the world or you have a service or product that needs some welly, our press releases can get you great exposure.

By placement on the right websites – including your own – a well-written article that hits all the right notes will be sure to reach your target audience.

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A5 Flyer Design

Copywriting for Leaflets and Flyers

Writing copy for flyers is all about getting all your key messages out to customers in a snappy and informative way.

Less is certainly more and our copywriters are highly adept at editing down your text, or generating their own, to fit neatly onto a print item where words and design should live in complete harmony.

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With Designers Up North I'm confident I'm getting high-end results without the price tag. He's great to work with, I can't recommend him highly enough.

Karl Lear | Red Yeti Films

We have worked with Designers Up North on a number of projects and they are very professional and offer an excellent level of service. The design work is superb and hopefully we work together a lot more in the future.

Jon Harding | Harding Internet

Very talented, skilled and creative designers. Have taken my vision to new heights. Their eye for detail and passion for the job are 100%.

Gary Davies | Lyme Bay Cabins

Everybody needs a Jim in their life. Everything runs so smoothly with him to call. His creativity, professionalism and knowledge impresses everyone that meets him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kristina Sivelle | Golden Eagle Luxury Train Limited