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Best Wedding Photographer Websites 2024

If you’re looking to build a wedding photographer website, take a few moments to look at some of our favourite wedding web designs – Now updated for 2024.

Looking for some proper inspiring wedding photography websites? Researching what the best wedding photographer websites are? No matter if you already have a photography website, or are looking to start your photography journey and commission your first site, take a few moments to look at our favourite examples of wedding photography websites.

Nathan Walker Wedding Photography

Nathan is an award winning wedding photographer from Nottingham and specialises in informal, documentary style photos. With bold colours, fun typography and a clear message, his website design attracts the perfect couples for his style of photography.

  • Bold Colours
  • Fun Typography
  • Clear Pricing Page
  • Simple Navigation
  • Superb Photography Blog
homepage design of Nathan walkers wedding photography website
bold colours of Nathans website
wedding photography blog web page design

Alternative Wedding Photography Website Design Example

Documentary & Reportage wedding photographers want a site design that truly showcases their work and personality. Jade Maguires site is the perfect example of attracting the types of couple you want to photograph. As she says on the homepage, ‘For the rockers and the hippies’ everything on the site screams ‘anti-traditional’.

Ripped paper edges and anarchic typography complement Jades work and ensure she attracts couples who like to party.

  • WordPress Designers
  • Organic Style
  • Distressed Text & Ripped paper
  • Unique, captivating website
  • Strong calls to action
Jade Maguire Web Design
alternative wedding photographer website design

Modern Wedding Photographers Web Design Example

Clean, crisp and minimal – Just what Andy Griffiths Photography wanted when he approached us to redesign his website for the second time.

We also implemented a Wedding Album ordering service on his site, creating an additional product not only for his couples, but for for extra revenue.

  • Wedding Album Ordering
  • Clean & Simple Navigation
  • Quality and confidence shines through
  • WordPress Platform
Andy Griffiths photography web design

Documentary Wedding Photographers Website Design Example

The Gingerbeard has a clear and defined brand that leaves you in no doubt who you are dealing with. Beautiful photographs are punctuated with hand drawn badges, squiggles and bold, movie-referencing statements.

For a wedding photographer wishing to stand apart from the traditional market, this website rocks. More importantly, it generates 10,000 views a month.

  • WordPress
  • Stunning Branding
  • 10,000 Visitors a Month
  • Clear Navigation
  • Style & Passion
Gingerbeard Wedding Photography Website
wedding photographer prices page example

Cinematic Style Wedding Photographers Web Design Inspiration

Nomad Love Stories – AKA Pete Clarke, a wedding photographer in Cheshire. His fun, informal and stunning photographs sit beautifully opposite serif fonts and plenty of white space.

Every page tells a story, and that’s exactly what Nomad Love Stories are all about.

  • WordPress Platform
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Beautiful branding
nomad love stories web design

Liam & Bee Web Design

This website design for Liam and Bee has to be one of the finest examples of a website for a photographer out there. Every element balances perfectly against the next, and every word feels considered. From the logo to the footer, this website is the perfect vehicle for world class photographers like this.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Light and airy feel
  • Muted colour tones
  • Awards & Testimonials on full show
Liam and bee website design

Award Winning Wedding Photographers Website Design Example

Steve Grogan is an award winning wedding photographer from Manchester. His website has warm and genuine testimonials from couples and guarantees no boring photos. Giving each image the space to breathe ensures his messaging is clear and easy to read. The muted colour palette allows the colour to come from his photographs.

  • WordPress Platform
  • Strong messaging
  • Great tone of voice
  • Beautiful photographs
Steve Grogan wedding website
Steve Grogan iPad

Colourful & Fun Wedding Photographers Web Design

Colourful, fun and natural wedding photography – Cass’s photography is just full of joy. Her website reflects not only her work, but her personality.

Large colourful circles soften and break up the normal linear style of a photography website. Her knowledge of SEO means her website is her primary tool for commissions and its clear it works.

  • SEO Optimised
  • Excellent local reputation and reviews
  • Design & personality shine through
wedding photographer website on an iPad

Bold 80’s Style Photographers Website Design

Not many things are bolder than pink, black and white. Sam & Simon were adamant that they wanted a bold brand with a strong website.

  • Bold design
  • Optimised for Local SEO
  • Fast loading

Lovely Creatures Web Design

An absolutely beauty of a website design, with its strong typography, honest messaging and genuine feel. Everything is large, spaced out, and immerses you in this beautiful work.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Big, Bold sections
  • Great tone of voice
  • Strong typography

Traditional Style Wedding Photographers Web Design

Blue and gold is a classic colour combination and is used to great effect on Kyle’s site here. His choice of a traditional font and traditional wedding colours are relaxing and that’s the message he reassures his couples with in the design.

  • Responsive web design
  • Clear messaging
  • Traditional colour way

Jordanna Marston Web Design

If I was thinking of getting married, and I landed on Jordanians website, I’d pick up the phone. Friendly, engaging, honest and packed full of tips and stunning photographs to boot. Everything about her website says she cares and that included her website design too. Beautiful.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Considered and warm
  • Fun colour tones
  • Written with feeling

Organic Style Photographers Web Design

A lovely use of texture and typography are the key to this web design for Pixies in the Cellar, a pair of wedding photographers from Manchester.

Their blog is the secret weapon to this couples success – It’s superb and detailed and perfectly optimised to attract just the couples who will love their work.

  • Organic, distressed style
  • Perfect example of a wedding photographers blog
  • Full of personality
  • Awards & Testimonials on full show

Rachel Burt Web Design

This is just a beautiful website. From the minute you land on it you’re invested, and Rachel and her web designer have created a thing of beauty.

  • Full of character
  • Beautiful Colours
  • Meaningful Words
  • Alternative Website Style

Jenny Rose Web Design

Jenny Rose captures weddings beautifully, and showcases them on her website perfectly. Light and airy, information about her prices, style and approach are easy to find.

An intersting image gallery adds to the dynamics of the page.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Light and airy feel
  • Muted colour tones
  • Awards & Testimonials on full show

Wedding Photographers Minimal Web Design Example

Nick Haigh is a Lincolnshire based wedding photographer and approached us to rebuild his website. Reducing his previous websites colour palette allowed Nick and ourselves to come up with a minimal, crisp, typographic layout which sets up  his work to be showcased beautifully without anything fighting for attention.

  • Strong typography
  • Minimal, white and black layout
  • SEO focussed
  • Simple Prices page
example of photographers far page
nick Haigh wedding photographer
minimal web design for photographer

Fabio Mirulla Wedding Photography Website

Fabio Mirulla, a dedicated wedding photographer, is based in Tuscany. He’s known for his intense passion and focus in capturing the ephemeral emotions of weddings, reflected in his uniquely designed website.

  • Authentic Storytelling
  • Minimal, white and black layout
  • Highlight of Achievements
  • Elegant design
Fabio Mirulla website design
example of destination photographers stories page
photographers awards webpage example

Elopement Photographer Website Design

Adventure and Vow, elopement photographers, specialise in capturing adventurous weddings in natural settings across the U.S. and beyond. The organic style of their website is perfect for their marketing and attracting like-minded couples.

  • Authentic Storytelling
  • Organic Design Style
  • Full of Character
  • Simple Navigation
elopement photographer website design example
adventure and vow weddings website page
wedding date availability example

Simon Dewey Wedding Photographer

We have just redesigned Simons website, a wedding photographer in Derby, with a view to increasing his rankings. Working with a nod to a bauhaus style, Simons evocative black and white photos are beautifully presented in this crips grid system.

  • Minimal layout
  • Clear Design Style
  • Strong typography
  • Simple Prices page
2 page website example of Simon Deweys new wedding photography website
Simon Dewey Website Launch Graphic
wedding photography website page detail B&W

Andy Wade Wedding Photographer

Andy is a well known Lancashire based wedding photographer and one of the 50 best wedding photographers in the world, according to Fearless Photographers. The wonderful photo you are greeted with on the homepage coupled with the ‘Natural, Authentic, Emotional headline’ tells you exactly what he does and does it perfectly.

  • Wonderful Copywriting
  • Full of Personality
  • Genuine and Authentic Feel
  • Simple Prices page
  • Simple Navigation
Andy wades wonderful wedding website homepage
wedding photographer prices page using blue and gold
website page detailing what a wedding photographer does

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Photography Web Design Packages
Andy Griffiths photography web design

Summary of Wedding Photographer Website Tips

When designing your photography business website, remember, simplicity is key.

  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate, allowing potential clients to explore your portfolio, understand your photography style, and find essential information with ease.
  • Optimise your website for all devices, making sure it looks great and functions well whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Don’t forget about SEO; it’s crucial for helping clients find you when they search online.
  • Showcase a diverse range of your work in your photography portfolio, letting visitors see your versatility and skill.
  • And finally, make your website user-friendly and informative, creating a welcoming space where clients can connect with you and your beautiful photography.

Easy to Look Through

A good wedding photographer’s website should be easy to navigate.

It should let you quickly find the information you need, whether that’s the photographer’s portfolio, their pricing, or their contact details.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a page on a photographers site that says ‘Prices’ only to find there are NO prices on the page! Never do this.

Looks Great on Any Device

Whether you’re browsing on a computer, tablet, or phone, the best websites work well and look good on any device. This means everyone can enjoy the beautiful photos and find the information needed, wherever they are.

SEO: Helping Couples Find the Perfect Photographer

Good SEO on a photographer’s website helps couples find you easily when they’re searching online. It means that when people are looking for a wedding photographer, the website appears in their search results, leading them to stunning photos and helpful information.

Always remember Google Business Profile Optimisation as well. This alone can make an enormous difference to your SEO.

You can read a helpful SEO Case Study we worked on with a Manchester wedding photographer that has achieved 10,000 visitors a month to his new website..

Tells a Story

The best wedding photographer websites do more than just show pretty photos. They tell a story. They give a feel for the photographer’s style and let couples marrying imagine what your wedding photos might look like.

User-Friendly: Find What You Need

A well-designed, user-friendly website makes it easy for visitors to explore. You can effortlessly browse through photos, read about the photographer, and find out how to get in touch.

Showcases a Range of Photos

Great websites show off a variety of photos, letting you see the photographer’s range and style. You can see different types of weddings, venues, and moments, helping you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

A well-designed website makes finding the perfect wedding photographer simpler. It lets couples explore your work, understand your style, and get all the information needed.

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Author – Jim Adams

Jim Adams, Owner of Designers Up North

Jim Adams is a designer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. As the owner and designer at Designers Up North, Jim has led numerous projects that have significantly impacted clients’ brands and digital presence.

Having attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Design & Photography with honours, mentored by professors such as Jem Southam, Jim has since worked extensively in web design, branding, and graphic design. Over the years, Jim has earned a reputation for crafting both print and web design solutions that surpass client expectations.

Thanks to his photography background he has an expert knowledge of web design for wedding photographers and continues to work on websites and marketing for some of the UK’s best photographers.

Connect with Jim on LinkedIn or contact Designers Up North.