Advert Design for Business | Why You Should Go The Extra Mile.

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Why You Should Go The Extra Mile With Your Advert Design For Your Business

Ever heard the phrase “Print is Dead”? If you have – pay no attention. Investing in print advertising is one of the smartest things you can do for your new business, and here’s why:

manufacturing-industry-advert-designCredibility – In our world of ever-increasing, spammy advertising methods, there’s something reassuringly legitimate and sophisticated about a well-designed print advert.

A customer can view your advert safe in the knowledge that they are not getting spammed, nor is there any risk of obtaining a nasty computer virus. All at once your company is seen as a credible one, and with minimal effort too.

Property AdvertLongevity – We’ve all seen the thousands of banner ads on every single website we visit, but, by the next day they’re gone and forgotten.

Think now about how long people keep hold of their favourite magazines and newspapers. They can sit on coffee tables and office desks for months, acting as constant, tangible reminders of your brand and services.

solar-company-advertReinforced Branding – The best way to increase awareness of your brand is to produce fully-integrated campaigns to reach all corners of your audience. Print makes up a huge part of such a campaign and helps to increase brand recognition and familiarity amongst your target market.

Be sure to maintain the use of your brand colours and typefaces across your advert design and print campaigns to maximise this recognition effect and not dilute your message.

Danube express advert designTargeting – Print advertising allows you to really hone in on your ideal target market. With so many speciality magazines and publications on the market you can pick and choose which ones to place your adverts with.

What’s more, you can reach the niche audiences you might not be able to reach as effectively with online marketing.

adverts-for-magazinesLess Competition – With more and more companies believing that online marketing is the only way forward, the print advertising market has become far less saturated in recent years.

This gives you a nice advantage as it means your advert design will be much more easily noticed AND could even cost you less than it might once have done.

advert-design-for-property-agentAnd Let’s Not Forget SEO – It may seem an odd thing to mention in an article all about print advertising, however SEO does have it’s place here.

There is a growing theory around the effect of print and other forms of paid advertising on SEO performance. We have already discussed how print advertising can increase brand awareness, however, some companies have also reported spikes in online branded search volume after launching their advertising campaigns – indicating that this brand awareness is also having an indirect, positive effect on website traffic. And with increased traffic to your site comes a potential increase in sales and revenue; not bad when you consider how simple it was to achieve.

With all these compelling reasons to harness the power of print advertising, you’d be mad not to.



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