5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog

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As web designers, when we speak to our clients about creating content for their marketing one of the first questions often posed is ‘But who will read it?”

It’s a fair question and one we are happy to answer. Let’s discuss a few ways to drive traffic to your new blog.

We have all been there. Your web design is good. Your product or service is good. You have taken the time to research and write an informative article. You researched your keywords. You know there are people interested in your subject because the Google Keyword Tool tells you so. You’ve read and re-read it countless times and found those pesky grammar mistakes.

You have checked that all the links are in the right place and that the images suit the content.

You take a deep breath, release it to the world and then…. nothing.

  1. Where is the traffic?
  2. Where is your audience?
  3. Why did I believe that I could actually do this?

Everyone starts out with these feelings. It can be demoralising and tempting to think ‘I can’t be bothered’.

Creating good content is the easy part. Promoting your blog post is the key to success.

So how do you help your content get the audience you know it deserves?

We introduce ‘5 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog’ below. Follow these and you will increase your audience. Guaranteed.

1) Stumbleupon

If you have never discovered Stumbleupon, it is an incredible resource.

Not only can you happily waste a few hours hitting ’Stumble’ and be shown a huge amount of content you are interested in, but you can place your new content under the nose of a likeminded audience.

stumbleuponWhen you sign up to Stumbleupon you are asked what subjects you are interested in. Stumbleupon then shows you related content to your interests.

You can submit your article, or page, for people to Stumble on. When you submit your article you can add tags, a description, you can rate it and give it a title.

Find others who share your interests, follow them and in time you will be followed to, increasing your audience even further.

Stumbleupon also allows you to use their ‘paid discovery’ feature. For a very reasonable cost you can tailor your stumbles. Although not as accurate as the Google PPC or Facebook advertising, you should experiment with this when starting off and see if your content fits this platforms audience.

This gem of a site gets us thousands of views for clients and ourselves. Start using it today and increase your audience.


Another site that is rarely utilised to its full potential. offers its users the chance to submit their article to a ‘Topic’. Choose your Topic wisely and you can easily increase your blog posts audience again.

scoop itThe same rule applies – Find curators who interest you, you can then ‘suggest an article’ to them as well as uploading it to your profile. A rather helpful way of increasing your followers is to import your contacts from Facebook and Twitter which gives you a great starting point in creating your audience. Over time you find some really useful influencers and can see how they build up a healthy following.

One consistent element you need to use on all these platforms is a great main image. An eye-catching image can make all the difference in click throughs so make your choice as wisely as you have down with your content.

3) Social Sharing

You already knew this but I can bet that you are not making the most of your social media.

Many rarely do.

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are your 5 main platforms to focus on, although there are many more once you get familiar with them.

You can build yourself a highly influential army of followers on Twitter by using tools such as Tweepi. LinkedIn enables you to share your content with business people – We often find that many of our clients ignore LinkedIn in favour of Twitter. An often underused benefit on LinkedIn is that ability to join Groups. There are blogging groups that welcome you sharing your posts with an audience of willing readers. You can gain a huge amount of advice, tips and readers using these.

social mediaResearch Twitter Chats. These are hashtags you can use to join in conversations between industries that can get you a lot of exposure and increase your reputation.

Check these popular Twitter Chats for marketers as a starting point.

Google+ has some of the most active groups on any social platform but they need to be worked at. Do not think you can just join a group, share your post and the masses will follow. Interact, invest and join in group discussions without sharing your content. When you spot a topic that relates to something you have written about, you can then share it and you will not get your post deleted. Moderators in these groups have very high standards and frown upon link dropping.

4) Email

Email marketing is, without doubt, the single best way to drive traffic to your new blog, especially with people who are directly interested in your business, and your content.

What many people struggle with is getting subscribers so you have a great list of people you can send out to.

mobile website designCreate a newsletter and send it out to your mailing list on a regular basis. Monthly is often enough initially as you do not want to harass your audience. If your content is well received then you can increase this to fortnightly, or even weekly but for most businesses a monthly ‘keeping in touch’ newsletter offers you the chance to prove your value and authority in your industry.

If you know of friends or businesses with similar audiences that also use email marketing, approach them and ask if they can feature your latest post as part of their content?

5) Quora

We know that many new content writers have never heard of Quora.

What they soon come to realise is this website soon becomes your most powerful tool of them all.

Quora is a platform where people ask a question, on just about any subject. Experts, businesses then answer those questions.

If you are clever you can very soon become an authority on your subject matter. At this point you can then start to include your blog posts as a link to ‘further information’ or an expanded answer to the original question.

quoraAs you have heard me say before, do not drop links just for the sake of it with no consideration of the consequences. Earn your stripes, invest your time and you soon discover that Quora has the ability to drive an interested audience to your related content.

An added bonus when browsing Quora is that it begins to show you the sort of questions people want answering.

You can use this as potential headlines for your blog posts. Researching what content people are trying to find can often provide you with some superb subject matter for future articles and posts. If you nail this, then you can potentially rank those posts in the top Google search results therefore increasing your audience once again.

There you have it – 5 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog.

One common denominator with all of the above is the use of top quality imagery.

Many of these platforms show off your content with a summary of your article headed by an image.

If you can make this image as eye-catching and informative as your article you will increase your click throughs immeasurably. Do not just pick some random image that you think links to the content. Choose something that you can overlay the headline on to.

A simple, well thought out image, with a catchy title over-layed instantly makes your article more appealing and increases engagement.

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  • Phoenicia says:

    You have touched on some great points. Currently I am signed up with five forms of social media. Just signed to Twitter last week – where have I been? I much prefer it to FB!

    • Jim Adams says:

      Thanks Phoenicia. Personally we find Google+ a real hive of active users and influential contacts. Give that a go too! A good handful of +1’s from Google itself really helps your site out.

  • Donna Janke says:

    Good tips. I am on a few social media platforms and know I am not making the most of them. I am still working out which ones I want to devote most of my time too. Twitter is the one that gets the most attention by me and I appreciate the links to information about twitter chats.

    • Jim Adams says:

      Thanks for commenting Donna. Have you tried using Hootsuite? You can devote yourself to that and that will share your posts with any social media platform you choose to add. Saves us hours!

  • Kathy Andrew says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with all of these. But I do think you are going to be more effective if you focus on 2 or 3 rather than spreading yourself thin. Choosing from the list you’ve given should def. work.

    • Jim Adams says:

      Thanks for commenting Kathy!

      One way to streamline your time usage is to use a social media manager like Hootsuite – You can then control all your Social Media from one dashboard instead of having to visit all of them. This then frees up the time to explore other, less well known, avenues shown above. As an example; since we posted this blog last night we have had 143 visitors from Stumbleupon alone. Simply from ‘adding this page’ to their database. Imagine the readers after 6 months.

      Of course you could just put the kettle on and have a nice slice of cake too. We have done that as well today 🙂

  • Great list and one I wish I’d had when I’d had when I first began blogging. Happy to share as I know every day there’s a new batch of bloggers out there looking for direction!

  • Lenie says:

    Hi James – I`ve printed off this article because I’ve never heard about several of the sites mentioned. I do have to learn how to use the ones I`m on effectively first – Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest – (interesting comment about Google+ – one area I`ve neglected) but do appreciate knowing about the other ones.

  • Ken Dowell says:

    I’m familiar with and use most of these. Stumbleupon is particularly effective for me. Had never heard of so thanks for the tip.

  • I always say that I was a card carrying luddite at one time. I have gotten a little more computer, internet, savvy lately. Still posts like this really help me. You can never learn too much, especially about promoting.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Jeri says:

    I’ve had some success with StumbleUpon, but at the end of the day, it’s still hard to know how much time to devote to the task of trying to drive traffic to one’s blog. If only we could all hire a team to that for us!

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