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5 tips to make your website earn you money

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Here are 5 simple tips to help you get the very best out of your website.

1) Less is more

As a rule, we like to work with lots of white space on a website design – normally about 60%. Firstly, it lets the content you are showing have room to breathe.

cyprium-whiteSecondly, it also lets your visitor focus on that single detail rather than shoving content down their throat in every single spare bit of space.

An overloaded page actually drives customers away as they have no idea what to click on, what to read first, and what your message is. If everything is fighting for attention then your message has been lost.

A good rule is if you need to put more content in a space that is free, create a new page.

2) Tell them what you do first

Simple really isn’t it. At the top of the landing page, simply explain what you do and how you can help them. Do not go for the over complicated ‘marketing jargon’ approach of using too many words, when a few will do.

A clear, well written headline will work wonders and ensure your visitor is in no doubt about how you can help. Getting that first click is vital.

3) Customer Testimonials

testimonialsWord of mouth referrals are, without doubt, the best and cheapest form of advertising there is. A happy customer will tell everyone how good you were and how they should use your services. So why not show first-time visitors these comments?

Collect testimonials from existing customers. They do not have to be long-winded and can be more effective if short, snappy and under 20 words.

Scatter these throughout your site and be upfront. It can make all the difference in gaining the trust of a new customer.

4) The ‘Call to Action’

This is the only marketing phrase we use but it is arguably the most important part of your website. How to get your visitor to quickly know where to go, and what to do.

We get requests to place these in the strangest of places, hidden in sidebars, in the middle of text, or worse only on internal, deeper pages. Be bold, be obvious and make it clear. A strong call to action should reside on your homepage, ideally near the top and repeated again at the bottom of the page.

A perfect example resides on most pages of this website. “You’ve seen what we can do. Now see what we can do for you” coupled with a big chunky button.

Does it work? Oh yes.

5) Keep it short

Short, simple, easy to read paragraphs ensure your visitor will read your text. As business owners we could all talk about our companies until we are blue in the face.

If the average internet visitor has to be won within 6 second get your key message across first. If there is more information to be told, place it on another page – This way you have gained your first click and they are interested in what your site has to say. These 5 tips to make your website earn you money are a great starting point.

Now the work really starts…


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